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Coaching Packages

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Coaching Packages

Harmony Fusion

This coaching package will enhance your personal well-being by providing tailored guidance and support, fostering a balanced and harmonious life.

Packages consist of:

  • Personalized Meditation Guides: Tailored meditation sessions to promote mental clarity and relaxation.
  • Holistic Nutrition Guidance: A customized nutrition plan to nourish the body and support overall well-being.
  • Emotional Intelligence sessions: Techniques to enhance emotional awareness and foster a balanced emotional state.
  • Stress Management Strategies: Tools to identify and manage stress, promoting a harmonious mind-body connection.
  • Mindfulness Practices: Mindfulness training to cultivate present-moment awareness and reduce mental clutter.
  • Life Purpose Exploration: Guidance in discovering and aligning with one’s life purpose for soulful fulfillment.
  • Positive Affirmation Integration: Tools to incorporate positive affirmations for a more positive mindset.
  • Regular Check-ins and Accountability: Ongoing support and accountability to ensure progress and adjustments to the coaching plan as needed.


Triple M: Money Mastery Matrix

This package aims to empower you in managing your finances effectively.

  • Financial Goal Setting: Help clients define clear and achievable financial goals tailored to their aspirations and lifestyle.
  • Budgeting Strategies: Provide personalized budgeting techniques to manage income, expenses, and savings effectively.
  • Debt Management: Offer guidance on reducing and managing debt, including strategies for repayment and consolidation.
  • Investment Education: Educate clients on different investment options, risk management, and strategies for building wealth over time.
  • Income Diversification: Explore avenues for increasing income, such as side hustles, passive income streams, or career advancements.
  • Emergency Fund Planning: Emphasize the importance of building and maintaining an emergency fund to handle unexpected expenses.
  • Financial Literacy Training: Equip clients with essential financial knowledge, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • Retirement Planning: Develop a customized retirement plan, considering factors like desired retirement age, lifestyle, and investment options.
  • Mindset Coaching: Address mindset and behaviour patterns related to money, fostering a healthy relationship with finances, and promoting long-term success.


VVK: Venture Victory Kit

This package will provide guidance, tools, and strategies to enhance entrepreneurial skills foster effective decision-making and navigate challenges.

  • Strategic Planning Guide: Develop a comprehensive roadmap for success.
  • Financial Forecasting Tools: Equip with resources to project and manage finances.
  • Market Analysis Templates: Tools for understanding and navigating target markets.
  • Branding and Marketing Resources: Guides to create a strong brand and effective marketing strategies.
  • Team Building Resources: Resources for hiring, managing, and building a successful team.
  • Risk Management Strategies: Tools to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Resources for maintaining strong customer connections.
  • Networking and Partnership Guides: Assistance in forming valuable connections within the industry.
  • Success Metrics and Analytics Guides: Tools for measuring and improving key performance indicators.


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