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New York Runway Show – Register as Vendor



Why be a Vendor:

Visibility: Being a vendor at our event provides an opportunity to showcase your products or services to a large audience, increasing brand visibility and recognition.

Networking: Our events bring together diverse groups of people, including potential customers, partners, and industry peers, offering valuable networking opportunities.

Sales Potential: Our events often attract attendees with a specific interest or need, making them more likely to purchase products or services, leading to potential sales.

Market Research: Engaging directly with attendees allows vendors to gather feedback, insights, and preferences, aiding in market research and product development.

Brand Engagement: Interacting face-to-face with customers fosters brand loyalty and strengthens relationships, creating lasting impressions beyond our event.

USD $125

After you submit the payment, please email runway.mirrormirror@gmail.com with your information.


Alternative payment method: You can send e-transfer to runway.mirrormirror@gmail.com.



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